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In undertaking the present study, we reviewed a number of approaches adopted in major studies of the economic performance of nations and regions. However of greater significance to the existing strata market is the tight nature of B, C and D grade markets recording vacancies of 0.9%, 0.9% and 3.2% respectively.

However, the whole analysis hinges upon the assumption, which is never tested in the analysis. Another practical disadvantage of this approach is its hefty requirement for time series data for each region. However, we may see the emergence of investors into this capital market as a method of cashing in on the strong state of commercial markets.

A theoretical issue with this approach is the choice of a dependent variable and independent variables to account for the degree of “knowledge-base”. In the above case, the qualitative residual might be considered to represent the degree to which the economy is knowledge-based: the higher the residual, the more knowledge-based. Again, the merit of these studies hinges upon the a priori choice of a variable as a proxy of the degree of “knowledge base”.

Then it takes a weighted average of the quantitative index and the qualitative index with weights 3/4 and 1/4 respectively, to obtain an overall index for the factor. E Conveyancing Adelaide conveyancers are one of the best conveyancers you should opt for. The process is carried out with ease and accuracy resulting in customer satisfaction and stress free conveyancing process.