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Such clusters are more often than not regionally based and those currently emerging are apparently associated with knowledge-based industries and firms.The manner in which knowledge is created, acquired and transformed helps understand why such clusters are regionally based, and are becoming more relevant to knowledge-based industries and firms.

The challenges associated with the industrial market for the upcoming year will be similar to 2002 as landlords continue to search for ways to market their properties and generate transactions. In an economy that has forced numerous companies to cut costs, i.e. cut space, landlords will have to rely on real estate professionals for advice.

Companies will continue to consolidate their space until there is a major swing in the economy. The flex market has become increasingly competitive with the remaining surplus of space constructed in 2001 continuing to hold the market back.

In general, the development of regional clusters is a long-term process dependent on an ever-changing balance in the relative importance of the underlying conditions. In particular, there is a shift away from cost factors, physical infrastructure and regulatory policies, towards the importance of non-physical knowledge-based infrastructure.

Not to be outdone, Omaha’s restaurant landscape became more interesting in 2002 with the addition of P.F. Changs, Carrabbas, Timberlodge Steakhouse, Red Robin and two more Famous Dave’s. There are numerous situations where purchasers have taken a route that is excessively expedient on their lawful and conveyancing expenses, and in sparing a couple of pounds, have lost numerous more.

Discount department store operator Gordmans will open two new stores in 2003. which will add two more Super Wal-Mart centers in both the west and northwest corridors of the city as well as a second Sam’s Club.