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This compares with an annual growth rate of 16% at the start of 2000. The forecast by Halifax now shows a rise of 4% in 2001.Although inflation picked up in October and November, the December figure shows a fall, with the headline rate of inflation down to 2.9% from 3.2% previously and the underlying rate at 2% compared with 2.2%.

Despite recent criticisms of the new economy concept and the ‘ crisis’, it is clear that ICT and associated development is at the very heart of knowledge-driven economics. Our skilled and licensed conveyaners prepare an accurate conveyancing report which mentions all the legal formalities and property related documentation. This has helped lower the price producers have had to pay for fuel and raw materials and has allowed producers to lower the price of their goods at the factory gate.

The cut in interest rates was expected given a sharp downturn in the US economy. It is expected that interest rates will fall further to 5.5% this year. However, the US administration is already taking steps to ensure that such a scenario is avoided. Annual take-up in 2000 (455,506 sq m) was up by around 37% over the previous year.

A higher rate of growth is anticipated for the industrial sector (4%) given the positive impact of e-tailing and growth in the service sector on distribution and warehousing. In general, high-tech services provide the base for facilitating global communication, as well as being vitally important for mobilising cluster development within and across sectors.

The South East has a very healthy employment density in hightech services, 36.0% above the high-performing mean and ranked 8th. Research and development expenditure is an indication of attempts to enlarge the knowledge base and inputs to the process of searching for knowledge.This is a very serious issue for the region and its long-term competitiveness, particularly when compared to the ranking of the Eastern region in 13th place with a score 20.4% above the mean.

This now shows a rise in prices of 5% compared with the previous prediction of 12%. Similarly, the forecast for next year has been downgraded from 7% to 4%. The rising price of oil raised expectations that the Bank of England would raise interest rates to prevent inflation from overshooting its target rate of 2.5%. However.

Developments in the US hold the key to future performance. The US economy slowed significantly in the third quarter of this year. Although all the necessary data does not currently exist at 37 GLOBAL INDEX OF REGIONALKNOWLEDGE a regional level, the situation would appear to be similar or even accentuated for the South East given the relatively high levels of foreign investment within the region.