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With non-core assets on themarket and poor investment per-formance, this would seem likethe time to buy. It highlights that although by European standards economic activity in the South East and the UK is relatively high, they do not compete with those of the US or the leading Nordic regions and nations.

Shortages are emerging across the board, with occupiers finding it more difficult to satisfy their requirements for large units as existing buildings are often too old or of poor specification. Strong demand and a lack of supply have led to a rise in development activity. Safeway has also increased its demand for distribution centres. It has 16 regional centres and has recently taken a 24 year lease on a 350,000 sq ft distribution unit at Swan Valley, Northampton.

Demand from these occupiers has generally focused on space of between 20,000 sq ft and 60,000 sq ft. For example, Exodus, a US internet company, has taken a 41,580 sq ft unit at Matrix Coronation Park, Park Royal, The company has taken 41,000 sq ft at Airport Gate, Heathrow on a 20 year lease at £14.00 per sq ft (well above the quoted rent of £12.00 per sq ft).According to Credit Lyonnais, total sales via the internet are likely to rise to £7bn by 2004. Another estimate suggests that home shopping will account for 15% of retail trade by 2009.

These nonproduction employees are now more generally termed knowledge workers. Employment growth, which is strongly correlated with GDP, is fuelled by social and economic factors, including the rate of technological change. Again, this reflects national trends and is an indication that neither the South East nor the UK is excelling in terms of a strong ‘culture of work’. Conveyancing process can be fast and reliable but it depends on you that you are working with which company to make your process perform successfully and without any mistake or error.

Land availability is rapidly becoming a problem. This shortage could be exacerbated given the trend towards pan-European trade. Bigger units are in demand by continental distributors and global retailers.Many occupiers will continue to prefer acquiring freehold land in order to build bespoke facilities for their own use. This is likely to be increasingly the case for both food and non-food retailers catering for the home shopper.

With much depending on the speed of delivery, they will also have to allow for smaller and numerous loading docks in order to respond to fast and frequent turnaround of smaller loads.The growth of e-commerce will make covenant strength increasingly important, with developers and landlords likely to favour brand names and staying clear of companies which are perceived as new, highrisk ventures.

As with the IT and computer manufacturing sectors, the South East performs well, being ranked 6th with a score 42.6% above the high-performing mean. The South East has an employment density for automotive and high-tech mechanical engineering below the high-performing mean at 91.8 and is ranked 19th of the 40 benchmark regions. The score is actually relatively healthy given that much of the UK’s automotive activity is undertaken in the adjacent regions of the West Midlands and South West.