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Companies will be able to take advantage of full floor and multi-floor Class A space in many of the CBD’s premier properties. It is an opportunity that was unseen for over a decade, and it comes with very attractive asking rents. Similar to First National Bank, consolidation will follow, leaving a lot of vacant space in its wake.

Never in the history of the city has the downtown area had more public and private projects in motion. A new convention center, several new hotels, Gallup University’s Riverfront Campus, the performing arts center and numerous multifamily projects are all now becoming a reality.

We need to be very clear at the outset as to what we are referring to when we use the term knowledge-based economy.Knowledge is considered to be non-rivalrous, whereby utilisation by one nation, region or individual does not prevent its use by another actor.The most prosaic example of this shift is the demise of large in-house assembly-line production to SME-based models of production.

Within these SME supply-chains knowledge and information moves between firms in a non-linear manner, which is dependent on the development of the range of ever-changing products with which they are involved, i.e. a firm’s position in the supply-chain will alter as requirements and demand shifts.

With the last of national and regional companies pulling out of the warehouse and distribution market this past year, Omaha has hopefully seen the conservative nature of the Omaha real estate community have acted as a rudder in many respects, helping to maintain a stable market despite the glut of new, speculative space and sublease space that washed over the suburbs in recent years.

While much of the market activity this year can be attributed to a shuffling of tenants, there were examples of expansion as well. With a variety of choices in all submarkets, incubator sized tenants will have little difficulty finding space that fulfills their location and budget needs. Larger tenants are likely to stay out in the western submarkets including areas along Interstate 80 in Sarpy County.